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You don’t have time to search through hundreds of resources for reliable information—after all, you run a business! Look no further than our legal library for helpful information on the legal issues you could face as your business expands.

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  • Salary History... Don't ask, Don't tell? Whether you're a job candidate or an employer it's important to know what's appropriate when discussing salary history. Read this article to ensure your next interview remains lawful and productive when it's time to talk salary.
  • Understanding Copyrights Copyrights are an essential component in the protection of any original work. Understanding how copyrights work can make a huge difference in the future of your intellectual property.
  • What is a Patent? With every new invention comes the need for a patent. Patents not only help protect your invention but they also ensure you'd be able to profit from it.
  • What is a Trademark? When it comes to differentiating your business from the rest, trademarks are crucial. Here are some useful tips to help safeguard your business's identity and intellectual property.
  • How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season In the midst of hurricane season, LOVE LAW FIRM offers some helpful tips on how to prepare and protect your business from a potential disaster this year.
  • The Cost of Not Hiring a Lawyer Lawyers may seem very expensive (and some are) but the cost of not consulting a lawyer can far exceed any fees charged.
  • How To Avoid A Bad Business Break Up Proper corporate governance can help you run your business like the professional entity it is. Your investment is worth it.
  • Questions To Avoid When Interviewing Applicants When interviewing applicants, you want to be sure to ask the right questions. Of course, that means there are some wrong questions that you don’t want to ask.
  • Employees Using Personal Electronic Devices for Work A frequent way of lowering IT costs these days is by allowing employees to use their various electronic devices – SmartPhones, tablets, laptops, etc. – to conduct company business. At initial glance, this seems like a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Using GPS To Monitor Employees GPS is a great tool to help employers track inventory and monitor employees. Learn the legal guidelines for using GPS as an employer.