When I first started my law firm, I did so because I want to practice law and work with people I like and admire. I want to serve people who have goals and ambitions for themselves and their families.

These are people who aren’t in it to just make a buck – but people who also want to enrich the lives of their loved ones, employees, and their community at large. This has been the traditional role of small businesses in communities across America. 

I also wanted to establish a different kind of law firm — one that stood out from others. A friend once told me about her experience hiring a lawyer. She found an advertisement where a lawyer billed himself as “the sociopath on your side.”

When I think about that ad, it reminds me of everything that’s wrong in law and in the world at large. We don’t need sociopaths on our side for any reason.

Instead, we need more of what we all learned about as children. No matter our upbringing or traditions, we were taught about decency, kindness, and compassion. We were told to treat others how we want to be treated.

Our firm strives to live by this golden rule. We stand for integrity. We are here to help people sleep better at night, whether it’s by resolving a dispute amicably or successfully selling a business or helping a dream come true.

I know that people don’t hire lawyers because they want to. Very few wake up saying, “Today will be a happy day when I find an attorney.” Instead, most often people are forced to consult a lawyer due to a pressing need, or when they’ve simply exhausted their options. Our firm is here to take care of people who come to us. 

You’ve probably heard lawyers compared to sharks. A lot of my colleagues even bill themselves as sharks, swimming in the deep and dark legal waters and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. A vivid image indeed. But not one that I share.

When people go on tropical vacations, only the most adventurous go diving with sharks. Those brave tourists climb into a cage and get lowered into the water while people on the boat toss bait to bring the frightening predators closer. 

Do you know what is a much more popular attraction? Swimming with other highly intelligent and loyal creatures that are remarkably proactive when it comes to saving people: dolphins. Everyone can participate in that activity – you don’t need to have a death wish.

I tell every audience I can that LOVE LAW FIRM is the dolphin of the legal world.

If you want a shark, you can find one, just put a drop of blood in the water and see what happens. But you won’t find any at our firm. Here you’re going to find a group of intelligent and loyal people who are compassionate and want you to succeed.

Come swim with the dolphins!

Because … Isn’t It Time You Learned to Love Your Lawyer? ®