The day you hire your first employee is the best day of your small business' life. You have multipled your ability to make your product or deliver your service. You are one step closer to freeing yourself as the founder of the business to focus on its strategic growth rather than simple implementation.

It is also the worst day of your small business' life. You now have someone else with different needs, motivations and goals involved in your enterprise, and you are counting on them to do what you need them to do for your business to thrive.

In addition, there are a complex myriad of laws and regulations you have to follow as an employer. There are laws about hiring, firing, promoting, paying, and more. There are benefits you must offer in NYS and those that are optional. 

Now more than ever people are concerned about their jobs and what happens to them there. Are they safe? Are they secure? As an employer, you have to offer a safe environment for people to work in, complying with OSHA, NYS Department of Health and other requirements.

If you're a first-time employer or you've been making your way on your own for awhile, we want to help you. We have a Small Business New Employer program that helps you navigate the legal maze of interviewing, hiring, managing, disciplining, firing and more. We want to help you succeed as an employer!

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