We've Got Your Six ™ Program for First Responders from LOVE LAW FIRM PLLC

At LOVE LAW FIRM “we’ve got your six”™ when it comes to starting a new business. 

We know that as first responders, you have given your life to serving your community and the great state of New York.  As a law firm, we are proud to be “serving those who protect”™ us.  First Responders are very near and dear to our families at LOVE LAW FIRM.  Each of us has a close personal connection to these areas of service and we want to help you when starting, growing or monetizing a business. 

We know that often times you want to create a business to supplement your income and we don't want you to risk your pension, income, savings, or home.  We want to be a small part of your success story and help support this next chapter in your life.   

We would love the opportunity to help you create a business using the expertise you have gained while serving your community.   

In the “WE’VE GOT YOUR SIX”™ program, there are 6 ways we can help you as First Responders: 

  1. We can help you start or buy your business. 

  1. We can help you grow and protect your business. 

  1. We can help you exit your business and enjoy your success. 

  1. We can help you with estate planning so you can protect those you love. 

  1. We can help you with commercial real estate matters, and refer you to our trusted partner who can help with residential real estate matters. 

  1. We can provide access to our legal and professional resources network. 

All services under the “WE’VE GOT YOUR SIX”™ program are discounted and specially priced for our First Responders. 

We've Got Your Six ™ Program for First Responders from LOVE LAW FIRM PLLC

When you work with LOVE LAW FIRM, you also have access to our extensive network of lawyers and business professionals in others areas of law who offer free consultations to anyone that is referred by us – this includes lawyers who focus on family law, personal injury, bankruptcy, workers compensation, and more.   

We have also vetted and have relationships with professional advisors, accountants, insurance brokers, real estate agents, financial planners, and corporate, commercial, and residential real estate brokers. We receive no money from any of these referrals because our interests are always aligned with yours. 

We can’t wait to meet with you and become a small part of your success story.  We are so thankful for you service to our community and hope to work with you very soon. 

Please fill out the contact form below to get started.  You will receive a reply from us within 24 hours. 


We all have a very special relationship with law enforcement and firefighters at LOVE LAW FIRM.  We have several friends and family members who trust us and want to let you know that you can trust us too.   

Here are just a few testimonials from the men and women that serve and protect our communities. 

"Confidence and Trust in Francine"

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Francine Love, Founder and Managing Partner of LOVE LAW FIRM PLLC, for several years.    Francine and I first met when I was still a firefighter in New York.    Like many other first responders, I worked side jobs to help make ends meet.    I wanted to start my own contracting business, but didn’t know the first thing about business structure, accounting, legal requirements, etc.    I was introduced to Francine by a fellow firefighter who had used Francine’s firm in setting up his small business years before.   From the moment I contacted Francine, I was instantly put at ease.    Francine and her staff provided me with all the guidance and knowledge I needed to start my business.    Now, 8 years later, I’ve retired from the Fire Department, have a very successful contracting business, and still work very closely with Francine and her team to help sustain and grow my business.    The level of confidence and trust I have for LOVE LAW FIRM is second to none.    I am 100% confident that my business would not be doing as well as it is without the assistance and support Francine and her team have provided me.    For all my brother and sister First Responders thinking of starting or growing a business, LOVE LAW FIRM is a trusted friend and ally who understands the world we live in and truly supports our mission and our values.    

-Lt. Daniel Kime (retired) TL-75 

“Driven and focused” 

Ever since my daughter, LeeAnn, was a little girl, she’s been extremely driven, highly motivated, and extremely organized. LeeAnn is the type of person who doesn’t believe things are impossible, instead, she says ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ This has taken her further than I could’ve dreamed for her. From college to a master’s degree to a law degree, LeeAnn has always exceeded any expectation set for her (usually set by herself) and done everything in stride, making it look easy to any outsider. LeeAnn is the type of person who excels in most things, but has a way about her that makes others feel at ease.  She can carry on a conversation with just about anyone, thoroughly explaining her point in an easy to understand way. Watching her grow and succeed has been one of my biggest pleasures.I’m excited to watch her and LOVE LAW FIRM give back to a community that is so important to me. 

 -Bill Monteverde, Retired FDNY 220 

“Loves to take care of the LOVE LAW FIRM family” 

My wife Deonna has managed our family for over 15 years and selflessly serves our family and friends every day.  When our daughter became paralyzed a few years ago, she really took over the bills and paperwork side of her care.  Just like she cares for our family at home, she takes great pride in taking care of the family of clients at LOVE LAW FIRM.  She works very hard to make sure that the clients are cared for and appreciated.  I know that she ensures that the clients at LOVE LAW FIRM have a great experience.  She loves to connect with people and is passionate about helping people on their small business journey.  

-Colter D. Wade, TX Department of Public Safety 

Please call us at 516–697-4828 or email our Executive Assistant Deonna at [email protected] to get started or with any questions you may have. 

We've Got Your Six ™ Program for First Responders from LOVE LAW FIRM PLLC

Please fill out the contact form below to get started and while you're here, please check out these free resources below from Francine to help you business get started on the right foot.


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