Without your need to obtain a new headcount or increase departmental personnel budget, your business can obtain the services of a legal professional with more than 25 years of experience—a professional who has focused her career on running a business and being held accountable for results. This allows you the freedom to focus on providing the most targeted and company-specific counsel possible, knowing that you have a knowledgeable partner working alongside you.

Love Law Firm is available to support legal teams who need additional staffing or support due to a team member’s illness, leave of absence, or other unavailability. Given our depth and range of experience, we can handle existing matters and keep your clients happy while you undergo transition.


What Type of Matters Can Love Law Firm Assist With?

The role of a General Counsel for a business is broad. Familiarity with commercial transactions; contracts; intellectual property; employment law; privacy; cyber-security; risk management; litigation management; corporate governance and formation; mergers and acquisitions; securities offerings; and more is required. Fortunately, Love Law Firm has experience in all of these areas… and more.

Overwhelmed with a large vendor project and need to quickly negotiate a number of contracts, preserving price and protecting your company? Love Law Firm’s attorneys have negotiated more than 100,000 contracts of all types.

Need to handle sensitive personnel matters and keep both management and employees happy? Love Law Firm has experience with both domestic and international employee relations, handling a wide variety of employment activities from hirings to layoffs to performance counseling.

Worried about a breach of conduct in the firm and need to conduct an internal investigation with sensitivity and confidentially? Love Law Firm has overseen complex, bet-the-firm investigations across multiple jurisdictions.
Have you been sued and need someone who will execute a cost-effective strategy designed to bring an end to the litigation and not enrich the litigators? Love Law Firm has guided the litigation strategy in federal, state, and international forums, employing creative solutions to conclude litigation sooner rather than later.

Worried that your employees’, clients’, or vendors’ data may not be secure and you could be the next segment on the evening news? Love Law Firm’s personnel have served as the chief privacy officer in multiple jurisdictions—both domestic and international—handled responses to data breaches, driven remediation campaigns, and set forth preventative programs.

Plug and Play Isn’t Only for the Computer Industry

In-house counsel understands that relationships are everything in your position. You cannot afford to have a glitch happen when you bring in new counsel to assist with the inner workings of your business. That’s why it is so important that you hire counsel with significant in-house experience (not just a six-month secondment tour) to work alongside you.

Biglaw and law firms don’t train their personnel how to work with your clients. They don’t understand the constraints often put upon internal counsel’s relationships with the business front office. Accustomed to delivering advice more than building consensus, it can often be more difficult to bring in outside counsel than to continue to be short-staffed.

Love Law Firm’s staff is accustomed to the intricate balance that needs to be struck while serving as in-house counsel. Why trust your clients to anyone else?

Need to Control Expenses and Answer to the Board?

Ownership demands expense control and looks to you to provide it in the engagement of external lawyers. Biglaw charges $1,000+ per hour of partner time and even $250 per hour for paralegal support! Biglaw cares about its own bottom line very much. It doesn’t care about yours.

Love Law Firm is different. Love Law Firm is a small law firm that doesn’t have a fancy name, reception area, impressive art collection, or high-end accessories that need to be paid for. What it has is decades of experience on Wall Street and the Midtown Jungle. Experience that the firm can bring to you without all of the accompaniments you don’t need.

In addition, Francine has served as the Chief Administrative Officer of a worldwide legal and compliance department. In that role, she helped streamline operations and lowered external legal expenses by over 80 percent over the course of five years without sacrificing quality or the availability of outside counsel.

Counsel Your Business With Support From Love Law Firm

You can end the cycle of paying higher and higher—and higher partner rates. Use BigLaw for the “bet the firm” initiatives, and use Love Law Firm for when you need legal work to be done, done on time, done on budget, and done in a way that respects your business partners. Call for a free initial consultation and see how Love Law Firm can support your internal legal department. You’ll be glad you did—and so will your senior management.


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