We Provide Legal Counsel For New York Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

No matter what your business objectives are, we can provide legal services to support them … and you!

  • Want to start a business? Move your side gig into something more full-time? Want to protect your assets and shield yourself from liability?
  • Have the opportunity of a lifetime to buy into a business? Buy a franchise? Go into business with a great friend?
  • Looking to grow your business? Bring in investors? Award key employees with equity?
  • Have an original idea or design you need to protect? Or has someone else already used them and you need to stop them?
  • Need advice about employees? Want to know if you need an employee handbook? What exactly is sexual harassment and how do you prevent it?
  • Ready to monetize your business? Is there a next generation of your family waiting to take over? Or are you looking to sell and exit altogether?

We provide legal services to support your goals. We have the knowledge and experience to guide your decision-making and protect the future of your enterprise.

Business FormationBusiness Formation

Going into business for yourself is exciting but may be a bit overwhelming. You can make sure you get off to the right start by working with an experienced legal professional and business leader. 

LOVE LAW FIRM will help you choose the best form of entity for your venture, guide you through the formation process, ensure you comply with all governmental requirements and set you on the path for success. 

Start-ups with multiple founders need to agree on how the business will operate, the roles that each founder will play, how to reward success, and how to handle the withdrawal of a founder should that ever become necessary. 

We also help you ensure that the intellectual property you’ve created for your business is properly assigned to the company, protected by your employees and vendors, and protected by law.

Working with LOVE LAW FIRM as you form your business will help you make smart decisions that propel you toward growth, protect you from lawsuits, and give you the flexibility you need to meet the ever-changing business environment. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and new business owners lay the legal groundwork to develop and preserve their brand while protecting them from the negative forces that are bound to arise. 

Business GrowthBusiness Growth

Every business owner needs two best friends – a great accountant and a great attorney. We’re here to help you with half of that equation!

As your business matures, you face new obstacles. Not all are “bet the firm” situations, but many have long-lasting ramifications. LOVE LAW FIRM is experienced in issues related to business growth and development. We’ve counseled many small businesses through growing pains and business partnership problems. We’ve removed many obstacles blocking our clients on their path to success.

Working with LOVE LAW FIRM, we will help you identify your legal risks and then mitigate them through practical, tactical solutions. We aren’t a law firm that gives “blue sky” advice; we are a law firm that rolls up its sleeves, gets to know you, and comes up with cost-effective ways you can protect the business you’ve built. 

We serve clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area, Long Island, Westchester, and all of Upstate New York. 

Internal Legal CounselInternal Legal Counsel

Being internal counsel is a great career—Francine knows that from personal experience. Internal counsel knows what it’s like to partner with the business and help create something great together. It’s important to avoid unnecessary theoretical analysis as it only annoys your internal clients. And bringing a collegial attitude to the table is a basic requirement.

That’s why so many internal counsel experience profound disappointment when working with external firms, particularly with biglaw or the larger of the midtier firms. Partners and associates who only have experience in law firm life don’t understand that living in an ivory tower doesn’t work in real life. Love Law Firm is different. We left the tower a long time ago and have been in the trenches with our clients for decades.