No matter what your business objectives are, our business attorneys can provide legal services to support them … and you!

  • Want to start a business? Move your side gig into something more full-time? Want to protect your assets and shield yourself from liability?
  • Have the opportunity of a lifetime to buy into a business? Buy a franchise? Go into business with a great friend?
  • Looking to grow your business? Bring in investors? Award key employees with equity?
  • Have an original idea or design you need to protect? Or has someone else already used them and you need to stop them?
  • Need advice about employees? Want to know if you need an employee handbook? What exactly is sexual harassment and how do you prevent it?
  • Ready to monetize your business? Is there a next generation of your family waiting to take over? Or are you looking to sell and exit altogether?

We provide business legal services to support your goals. Our business attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your decision-making and protect the future of your enterprise.

Business FormationBusiness Formation

Starting a business in New York is exciting and overwhelming!

We help you launch your business:

  • Guiding you through entity selection - what is the difference between sole proprietorships, LLCs, corporations, S-corps and why should you care?
  • Proper business formation - we handle the details so you never worry if you missed a step!
  • Protect your intellectual property - how do you keep your idea from being stolen? Or misused? 
  • Multiple founders - be sure to get agreements in place about how decisions will be made and what to do if someone wants out or doesn't perform!
  • Hiring workers - there are a lot of requirements for New York State employers and you want to do it right the first time!
  • Handling regulatory and licensing questions, and more.

We want to be the start of your success story! 

Business GrowthBusiness Growth

Being a business owner is hard work and sometimes you need legal guidance ...

... whether it’s a tough negotiation, a disgruntled employee, ensuring your contracts are working for you, and more.