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Is Your Business a Fright Fest?

One of the things that makes Halloween so much fun is that we all know it's make-believe. Last year, our family dressed up as a cadre of pirates. Not one person asked me how my pirating on the high seas was going. They know I'm not a pirate in any sense of the word, and we all had a blast.

For most people, Halloween represents a kind of controlled fear. When we go to a haunted house or dress up ... CONTINUE READING

Meet the Newest Member of the Love Law Team!

It's been a long time coming! I am delighted to announce that Diane Larkin has joined Love Law Firm as a senior paralegal. I had the good fortune (and smarts) to hire Diane at a previous position and have been quietly whispering to her for three years that I wanted her to work with us here at the firm ... CONTINUE READING

Avoid Nightmare Trips

For someone who is mobility-challenged, a simple outing to a museum, park, theater, restaurant, or playground can be challenging. Fortunately, Destination: Accessible exists to help! Destination: Accessible ( is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides information about the accessibility of various leisure locations for people with mobility challenges (e.g., wheelchairs, walkers, canes, slow walkers, etc.) based on personal visits ... CONTINUE READING

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