Francine Love was recommended to me by an impeccable resource who I had thought might help me form a LLC for an envisioned consulting effort. As knowledgeable as he is, he chose to recommend Love Law Firm as my business advisor. What a delight it was to find out that she could not only easily form my corporation, but provide me with excellent advice to protect me from claims resulting from my consulting efforts, teach me how to distance my personal liabilities from corporate liabilities, and who continues to provide not only the information I need but enhances it with free webinars on relevant topics! I am a process engineer with 45 years of experience, and I learn something new every day. Francine is a part of my learning experience. I will continue to place my full confidence in her advice and recommendations. I very strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to incorporate, or who might have an attendant business need like licensing or copyright protection. Do yourself a favor, and seek the advice of Francine Love.

Jerome R., Long Beach, NY