From One Business Owner to Another

A monthly newsletter can be a powerful tool. That's why I decided to take a few months off and make a few changes to my own newsletter. My goal, however, remained the same: to provide a resource for you and your business. This resource will feature both practical and legal information you can put to immediate use, each and every month. It's a tool that allows you to take action without ... CONTINUE READING


Should You Hire Financial Help?

There's a reality among small–business owners and entrepreneurs. They want to do everything. Whether their business is brand–new or long established, small–business owners tend to struggle with delegation. This includes the financial side of the ... CONTINUE READING


When Good Ideas Go Bad

What happens when a good idea, turned into a viable concept, comes crashing down? In October 2014, Plastc was unveiled. It was a progressive approach to credit card technology. The device — little more than an actual credit card — was designed to replace all of your existing cards, up to 20 different accounts. The single ... CONTINUE READING

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