LOVE LAW FIRM has a passion for helping children, especially children in foster care. No child is in foster care because they want to be. Children are in care because of situations in their family that require them to have a place of safety while the family works on being reunited. Often children are brought into care with very little of their own possessions, and are transferred between settings with their belongings in a trash bag. No child should ever live out of a trash bag.

Maryann O'Keefe, spouse of LOVE LAW FIRM founder, Francine E. Love, organized our most recent fundraiser to help children in foster care. We set a very ambitious goal of 100 duffel bags filled with toiletries, a cuddly teddy bear, a few toys, a leather-bound journal and a snuggly blanket. As people responded, we added 100 backpacks filled with school supplies - pencils, crayons, colored pencils, pens, multi-colored pens, highlighters, erasers, sharpener, pencil case, ruler, notebooks and folders. 

The results were a 10' long Uhaul truck filled end to end and side to side with boxes of the donations. A local agency, Hope For Youth, was excited to receive to receive the donation. When we told them we still had more money left from the donations, they asked us to provide shoes for 40 youth. We are working on completing that request right now.

The amazing generosity of the clients, friends and family of LOVE LAW FIRM, Maryann and myself is humbling. Together, 86 donors have provided essential school supplies and dignity to the children helped by Hope For Youth.  

We thank each of them for their trust in our cause and helping us make a difference.

LOVE LAW FIRM donates essentials to Hope for Youth

Top left - contents of the backpack; Top middle - contents of the duffel bag; Top right - duffel bag

Bottom left - backpack; Middle right - Francine, Maryann, with Kate and Tenaya of Hope For Youth; Bottom right - a full Uhaul

Letter from Hope For Youth thanking LOVE LAW FIRM for its donation