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Swimming With Dolphins in a Sea of Sharks

These days, it can feel like certain ideals, like kindness and compassion, are in short supply. I'll admit these values seem rare in lawyers.

When I started my law firm three years ago, I did so because I wanted to practice law and really engage ... CONTINUE READING

Conflict Is a Learning Opportunity

Each November, the Long Island Business Forum (LIBF) hosts its annual Thank You Reception. As I've shared in prior newsletters, one of my proudest accomplishments is starting the LIBF and being blessed to have so many amazing women business ... CONTINUE READING

Picture Perfect

Love Law Firm wants to give an emphatic "Thank You" to Bill Moseley, President of BBA Photography Corporation. For the last two years, Bill has attended the Long Island Business Forum's Thank You Reception and captured the event in pictures and videos ... CONTINUE READING

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