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The Importance of Going Back to the Basics

With the end of Summer fast approaching and kids heading back to school, there isn't a better time than now to get back to basics.


I recently had my world put into perspective following a car accident. When you're in an accident, big or small, you find yourself having a hundred things that need to get done, including recovering. When that happens, going back to the basics can make all the difference. Here's what I mean ... CONTINUE READING


Who Protects Your Intellectual Property?

Every success starts as an idea. Businesses are made of hundreds of ideas building upon one another to achieve something great. For this reason, it's vital that business owners take steps to protect their intellectual property. At Love Law Firm, we're thrilled to be able to assist clients in taking these steps, thanks to attorney Jessica G. McDonald joining our firm as Of Counsel ... CONTINUE READING


Pro Tips From Marci Goldfarb

I was able to sit down and have breakfast with my dear friend, Marci Goldfarb. I asked her for her pro tips for someone who has a child heading off to college this Fall. Marci is a good person to ask, as she practices motor vehicle law and sees a lot of young people in trouble, and she's successfully launched three of her own kids through the college years. Here's what I learned ... CONTINUE READING

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