'Tis the Season of Giving

It's the season of giving back — to the government, that is! As the yearly duty of filing taxes kicks into high gear, I wanted to focus on an aspect of giving that's more meaningful and certainly more personal: giving back to the community.

One of my philosophies is that every business should not only benefit the entrepreneur or business owner, it should benefit its employees and community as well ... CONTINUE READING


3 People Who Are Changing the World

I want to introduce you to a few people I admire and respect, and who inspire me in life and business. Meet Donald Taffurelli, Mark Krieger, and Nicole Christensen — three people who strive to make a difference both in their communities and in the world at large ... CONTINUE READING


How You Made a Difference Last Year

Thank you, once again, for the incredible support for Love Law Firm’s fundraiser, which helped raise over $2,000 for a family in need last year. This money went toward groceries, medical copays, new shoes and winter boots, and clothing for the entire family — not to mention art supplies for the daughter, games for the son, and a number of books.

On top of the donations for this family in need, additional donations helped establish a small emergency fund ... CONTINUE READING

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