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Light a Fire Under Your Business in the Best Way!

I love Summer. The weather is great, my backyard looks amazing thanks to the efforts of my incredible spouse, and I get to relax and watch my kids play. Living on Long Island during the Summer is magical. We have everything a short drive away — from the beach to the backyard barbecue to the vineyards to great cultural events. It's hard to have a bad day during the Summer ... CONTINUE READING

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Keeping the Flame Burning

Some people are satisfied with one successful career. For example, Jerry Rotando could have retired as a Major after his twenty years of service to our country in the U.S. Air Force and been proud. An engineer by training, he served in the bomb disposal unit. The story about how he defused a live nuclear bomb is thrilling, and his wife is grateful he didn’t tell those stories at the dinner table ... CONTINUE READING

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3 Hot Tips for a Thriving Business

It's very important to not overlook your own health and well-being while you are growing your business. After all, your most important asset is you. You need to protect you, invest in you, and ensure you are able to handle the work you set out to do. Dr. Esther Jimenez, owner of Life Spa Chiropractic & Wellness, offers her clients a holistic path toward wellness. ... CONTINUE READING

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