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The 3 Best Days of February

There are three days in February I absolutely love: Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and Random Acts of Kindness Day. These occur on Feb. 2, 14, and 17 respectively.

I've loved Groundhog Day even before the classic Bill Murray movie. It is a silly, funny, and wonderfully bizarre day of the year. On Feb. 2, the country awaits the prediction of various rodents as to the continued length of winter ... CONTINUE READING

Chip Massey: Master Negotiator

I can only imagine a few jobs more stressful than FBI hostage negotiator. As an attorney, I enjoy negotiating and trying to get the best outcome for my clients. But at the end of my day, the worst that can happen is that the deal doesn't go through. In Chip Massey's career, the worst that could happen is that someone would never get to go home again. Big difference ... CONTINUE READING

#FamousSeamus on 'Love Your Pet' Day

I’m here to tell you about a pawesome holiday on Feb. 20 — Love Your Pet Day! Obviously, we will be celebrating it big here in our household!

In honor of the day, I want to remind you of five benefits of having a pet:


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